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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Blog, "Grace on Wheels" Addresses the Disability Stricken

I have been blessed to know Lauren, the writer of a new blog, for several years.  I worked at another clinic.

She's been challenged by being hired by the clinic to operate a blog and run a monthly ministry out of the clinic.  Today she made her first blog post. and I wanted to share her new blog with you.
Me and Erma
If you ever get to feeling you have it bad, consider Lauren.  She has Cerebral Palsy .  She's been afflicted with something she can't hide.  It's something that's caused her much pain; physical, mental and emotional.  You can cover up a pimple.  You can be silent and still when you are nervous and shy.  But, Lauren could never hide her cerebral palsy.

I recommend that you read her first post, linked below.  Then consider your won situation.  If she can strive to work through what she describes, then surely you can work through your own issues.

Here is the link: 

Think of her struggles, then consider your own.


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